Toothpaste as Deoderant?!?

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Picture it: My birthday. The year is 2013. I took a sick day because, as usual, I had a doctor’s appointment for my annual checkup. I had gotten into the habit of doing this so that I wouldn’t forget it. After this day, I’ll never set it for my birthday again.

I got up that day as I would on any day off, when I felt like it. I rambled through the day, doing bits of nothing . My appointment was set for later that afternoon, although I tried to set it for that morning to get it out of the way. When it was time, I drove the forty-five minute drive to my doctor’s office.

Everything was pretty routine. That is, until the breast exam. It was then that my doctor found a small, pea-sized lump in my right breast. I remember him talking but, to be honest, I couldn’t remember much of what was said. I was in my own thoughts, wondering the worst and trying to convince myself that it was nothing. I was scheduled a mammogram in a couple days and I was to sit tight until then.

I left my doctor’s office and called my chiropractor. I had come to trust him to give me a natural approach to what was going on. I honestly did not know what to do and was desperate for some answers or, at least something preventative that I could do at this point. Looking back, I think I was just scared and needed to busy myself.

I was advised to stop wearing antiperspirants, fragranced body oils or lotions, makeup…anything that contained parabens. There is a lot of controversial information out there as to whether or not any of these things cause cancer. My personal opinion is null on this. I am, however, a person who will always err on the side of caution so, I stopped wearing everything and set out to look for more natural products that would work for me.

I started reading labels and finding items in which I could read and understand the ingredients. I started wearing natural deodorants and was regularly musty as I tried to figure out what would work for me. I began making my own products and fragrancing them with essential oils (this was well before I knew their actual applications and before Young Living).

It turns out that there was nothing abnormal in my breast tissue. I was finally, after two weeks, able to breathe a sigh of relief but, I chose to continue to stay as close to this regimen as I could. I only wear antiperspirant a handful of times a year. 

I have gone through many, MANY brands of deodorant through the years and finally settled on one that was sufficient. It mostly did what I needed it to do and would only let me down when my day was overly stressful (did I say that I was a teacher?). Then, I read that that Young Living’s Thieves toothpaste was being used by some people as deodorant. No way!!!3039-1

I’m always willing to try something at least once (within reason) so, I put it on my ER (Essential Rewards) for the next month. In the least, I had some natural toothpaste that I could start using.

I waited until the weekend after my order came in to try it. I’ve learned from past mistakes to not try a new deodorant on days that I go to work. I put it on that Saturday morning and what do you know? It worked. But, I didn’t do a whole lot that day so, I decided to try this again.

The next day, I applied the toothpaste and cleaned up the house. I made sure that I exerted enough effort to break a sweat for a period of time and still, no scent! I still couldn’t believe it. Is this toothpaste really working as deodorant? 

I’ve done this every day for the past month. To this day, I have never smelled musty or have even had a hint of anything.

Here’s my routine:

After showering, I spray my armpits with a solution that’s half water and half apple cider vinegar. I let that dry and then, I take a small dollop of the toothpaste and rub it into my armpits. That’s it.

It will tingle (it has spearmint and peppermint oils). I also would not advise you use it right after shaving (because of the tingle). I always shave at night and then use the toothpaste in the morning.

I want to add that everyone’s body is different. What works for me may not work the same for you. If you decide to give it a try, let me know your thoughts.


One thought on “Toothpaste as Deoderant?!?

  1. Well to be honest at first when you mentioned it I thought you were nuts. After thinking about it and giving it deep thought, all I can say is MAYBE I will give it a try. I will keep you posted.

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