I have a confession to make…

I have a confession to make…

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Today, I had a rough day. Actually, if I’m being real, this entire semester (I’m a teacher) has been tough.

The day started off normally. I was trudging along. My husband surprised me with lunch. My students, for the most part, didn’t give me any issues. And then…

Then, about 3:30pm, I received an email with news that I did not care to receive. I don’t mean that it was just annoying. I mean the information contained in that email had me in tears. IN TEARS…

So, I tried to regain my composure but, the level of my disappointment sunk so low, that I’m not sure if I even cared about how I looked. The tears burned my eyes and I didn’t know if I would be able to get out of the building without one of my students seeing me.

I walked out of work and drove home. My husband sees me (I already called him) and doesn’t understand my disappointment. Now, I’m adding him to the pile of things I’m mad at right now.

I go and sit in my truck, in the garage, and I call my mom…moms make everything better, right? She reminded me of my oils and then, it hit me.

When I deal with physical issues the first thing I reach for is my oils. I no longer look for relief from over the counter medicines (I’m not currently on prescriptions). I go straight to my babies and breathe/massage/ingest my way to relief.

When I have an emotional issue, I reach for nothing. I cry. I may yell. I wallow. What I don’t do, is reach for oils.

I don’t know why that is but, I wanted to share this with you. This is proof that none of us are perfect. Maybe, going forward, this situation will help me remember that my oils are here to support me with this too.

What do you do when you are stressed or disappointed?

Until next time,


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