I gotta tell you something…

I gotta tell you something…

Before reading this post, please see our disclaimer here.

Before we take step one on this amazing oily journey together, I need you to know something. I know it’s going to come as a shocker but, I can’t proceed until I have made this clear: I AM NOT AN EXPERT.

Do you know how awesome that is? That basically means that if I can do this, you absolutely can too!!! It also means that I am not a doctor…sorry. I’m not even close…unless you count a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry close. I don’t. Not even a little bit. 🙂

What I am, is a wife and a mom who deals with crazy issues that need supporting. I have anxiety in big crowds of people. I get super moody around my time of the month. I’m a teacher so, there’s that. I lack motivation and energy when it’s least convenient. I get insomnia sometimes and since hitting forty, I have random pains in my body that I’m not a fan of and apparently, they’re not a fan of me. Oh yeah…I also have a husband and a son with their own set of issues. I know I’m not alone!

Why am I saying all of this? I want you to be able to read about my experiences and my thoughts and then, incorporate with them with your own. I can only speak about what I’ve experienced with my essential oils and I’m learning new things every single day. Make sure that you read my disclaimer so you can know all the legal mumbo jumbo…lol. No really…go read it. 😉

I’m super excited to start this journey with you. We get to learn and try new things along the way. Make sure that you get with me with any questions that you have and as always…


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