Creating Essential Oil Triggers

Creating Essential Oil Triggers

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I know when you read that title you probably thought that this must be bad. In this day and age, triggers have bad connotations and typically speak to something that can conjure up old trauma or memories.

In this case, I’m meaning the exact opposite. The idea is the same but, the intent is different.

An essential oil trigger is used, at least for my purposes, to help you remember to do something or help to support you in doing it. Let’s talk about the science (my favorite part)…

I promise I’ll keep this simple:

In your brain, there are obviously many processes going on and each area of the brain is responsible for directing those processes. Well, there’s a part of the brain that is responsible for your emotions and your memory. This part is called the limbic system. Now, the limbic system is not the only part of the brain to control the emotions (that would be a gross oversimplification) but, it is definitely one of the key players.

The limbic system uses the senses to gather information about your surroundings. Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it loud? Are we in danger?

Depending on what information is received, you will begin to feel emotions in response. If you hear a song that your mother sang to you as a child, you will begin to feel calm and comfort. If you taste a good ole sweet potato pie, you might feel happy and excited.

In comparison to our other senses, our sense of smell is stronger in triggering memories and emotions more vividly. Our sense of smell has a direct line to our limbic system and can bring up memories in fractions of a second.

This is where essential oils come in. Because we know that our sense of smell in conjunction with our limbic system is so powerful, we can manipulate it (for the good). This can be done by creating a specific scent every time we do something.

For example, I struggle with being consistent with working out. I don’t mean that I struggle. I mean I STRUGGLE.

What I decided to do was create a workout roller, with distinct smells in it, to use every time I workout. The first couple of times were still a struggle. But, somewhere along the way, the smell of that roller would kick my butt into gear. Now, I can’t even wear it if I don’t want to feel like I need to workout.

You can do this with anything. Diffuse a certain scent when you want to be creative. Use that same scent every single time and eventually, you’ll just fall into a creative space every time you diffuse it.

Roll on a specific scent when you want to be intimate with your partner (make sure the scent is also pleasing to them). And boom! You’re welcome!

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